Karl Brown MIDI programming project 2001 - 2002

This page is about the first version of my MIDI project, begun nearly two years ago. It is superceded by a new version

The following files were all created by computer programs using algorithmic composition. The programs were written in C++; the project was built using Miscrosoft Visual Studio. Every musical decision, represented by a MIDI event, was made by a program written entirely by me; however, I used Paul Messick's "Maximum MIDI" to build these MIDI events into standard MIDI files.

They can ONLY be played using WinAmp (or the MaxSeq application that comes with Maximum MIDI); they will not work with Windows Media Player, Crescendo, Beatnik, or other common MIDI playback software. This is because to set the tempo I used a MIDI event with a zero opcode; the correct way to set the tempo is with a meta-event, which is how I do it in my new project currently being developed in java; see the MIDI Servlet home page.

To listen to these files, RIGHT-click the link, and download / save the file to your own computer. Then, manually launch WinAmp, and open the saved file from within Winamp.

I hope to put mp3's of these pieces up on this website, so visitors will not need to do the above steps.

These pieces use equal-tempered scales with other than the normal 12 divisions to the octave, implemented with MIDI pitch bend.

First Eleven

Second Eleven

Trumpet Quartet: five divisions per octave

Trumpet Quartet: six divisions per octave

Trumpet Quartet: seven divisions per octave

Trumpet Quartet: 12 divisions per octave

Trumpet Quartet: 24 divisions per octave

Trumpet Quartet: 35 divisions per octave

A Conflict of Temperament

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